Quality System

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With this document RTE states the following principles with the objective of confirming the intention of improving relationships and satisfaction of the concerned parties, supplying suitable and necessary resources useful for reaching the pre-established objectives and bestowing on all collaborators the responsibility of their application.

The RTE objective is to supply products/services to Institutions and Industries at a competitive cost, with efficiency and professionalism, and above all with the utmost attention given to their requirements.

Improving the attention given to and care taken with the customer, through adequate communication channels, identifying and meeting their requests, understanding their future needs and commitment in exceeding their expectations.

All those who are part of the company RTE and who, depending on the circumstances and on their responsibility, exercise their own leadership, constitute the guiding unit, with the goal of completely involving the internal personnel in its entirety.

The personnel are the foundation of our organisation and the use of their knowledge and experience facilitates their complete involvement in our company.

The organisation and the single people who are part of the organisation give prime importance to:

  •  Optimising their own potential and that of the resources made available to them
  •  Applying the philosophy of team work
  •  Extending and diffusing training at all levels
  • Instituting practical channels of communication for the exchange of information and knowledge
  • Encouraging the innovative and constructive approach
  • Encouraging and interiorising learning

All the activities must be organized, conducted and handled as processes, through the identification, comprehension and handling of a system of correlated processes in order to obtain maximum efficiency and effectiveness of the whole organization, with the aim of reducing waste, reducing the variables, improving both the products and the services offered and their reliability.

The continuous improvement of our performances is the primary objective of RTE and at the same time is the starting point for reaching full and total customer satisfaction.

Decisions and actions are and must be based only on the analysis of information and concrete and objective facts.

By creating reciprocal and advantageous relations with all the Suppliers the competitive advantages are increased, not only for RTE, but also for the Custome

Giorgio Brambilla
Administrator in Charge