Our Company

Founded in 1958 by Giovanni Brambilla, for over 60 years RTE has been producing alarm annunciators with ISA sequences intended for use in sectors such as: energy, electromechanics, transports, chemical, petrolchemical and engineering.

In 1996 Luisa, Massimo and Giorgio followed in their father’s footsteps and after a number of year of experience working alongside him, they created a new division specifically dedicated to the commercialization of insulation tubings, to cater mainly for the following sectors: electric cabling, electric switchboards manufacture, Automotive, Appliances, Railways, Naval, Aeronautical.

Starting from the selling of Heatshrinkable tubings, the range of the products has been enforced adding Silicon fiberglass sleevings, PVC tubings, Expandable braided sleevings and some series of customized products.

Recently the range increased with the commercialization of a new product called Heatshrinkable tubing in Silicone.

RTE obtained the Quality System Certification, being among the first companies in Italy to be certified. The certification has recently been updated in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, RTE is an important reality in the industrial components world.

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