TSWA Wrap Around Woven with velcro

TSWA Wrap Around Woven with velcro




The braided sleeving of the Series TSWA is made from braided monofilaments in poly- ester and has a polyamide velcro closure. It is suitable for protecting tubing and flexi- ble cables that have already been installed or cabled with connectors, where it would be impossibile to use a traditional type of closed sleeving. Thanks to the velcro which enables the sleeving to be re-opened and closed again, maintenance and/or repair operations are greatly facilitated.


  Working temperature – 50 °C ÷ + 150 °C
  Melt temperature +240 °C ± 10°C
  Inflammability Self-extinguishing ACCORDING TO STANDARD VW-1
  Directives 2002/95/CE RoHS
  Standard colour Black
  Other diameters and colours Upon request
  Packing On reels
  Information regarding application See chapter
Choice of heatshrinkable tubing and information regarding its application
Nominal diameter Nominal internal diameter usage Packing
in mm
in mm
13 40 ± 7 25
19 65 ± 7 25
25 65 ± 7 25
32 90 ± 7 25
51 115 ± 10 25
64 150 ± 15 25
75  190 ± 15 25
100  220 ± 20 25
135  290 ± 20 25

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