Heatshrinkable tubings in silicone

Heatshrinkable tubings in silicone

Series GTS

The heatshrinkable sleevings in silicone elastomer, series “GTS” and “GTS-HP“, are particularly used in situations in which there is the need to protect components, electrical cables and mechanical parts from high temperatures. The reason why these products are utilized is because the tubings in silicone of that serie can be taken on presence of high temperatures up to 200°C.

The heatshrinkable sleevings in silicone besides their excellent electrical characteristics and good resistance to chemical agents, thanks to its great flexibility, they are extremely easy to use.

Being, GTS and GTS-HP heatshrinkable sleeving in silicone elastomer, a very versatile products, it is used in many sectors, since it doesn’t exist on the market heatshrinkable tubing in silicone able to meet the need of strength against high temperatures with maximum flexibility.

Silicone tubings are available in different diameters and they can be used in many sectors, such as:

  • Railway
  • Electrical cablings
  • Automotive
  • Household

Availables in diameter from 2,0 mm. till to 240 mm., the heatshrinkable sleevings in silicone elastomer are ready in stock, in order to guarantee delivery time to our customers in 24h/48h max.