General Features
The LV28 DRY-REED terminal, made in a polyamide self-extinguishing container, can be mounted, either on EN50022, (OMEGA) section or on EN50035, (DIN 1 (CEI 17.18) section in the three versions “a” – “b” – “c”, (shown in Figure 1), with spacing of 18 mm and 23 mm. In addition, the especially designed hook device of the terminal enables LV28 relays to be rotated 180° with respect to the position of the section. The connection points of the coil end with removable IP20 terminals with screw tightening, with the capacity of 2.5 mmq, while the terminals of the Reed Relay contact can be welded, faston 2.8×0.5 mm, or with removable IP20 terminals with screw tightening, with the maximum capacity of 2.5 mmq. The terminals are marked with 2 pre-cut plates 14 mm x 6 mm.
Technical Features Reed Relay Features
Auxiliary supply voltage:

version “a” – “b” 110V c.c. _20% ÷ +10%.

version “c” 024V c.c. _20% ÷ +10%.

One contact open with relay non-excited.
Ripple component: ≥12% p.p. Contact closing time: 2 ms. 
Contact nominal current:

version “a” 1A.

version “b” – “c” 0,5A.

Climatic Operating Conditions  Contact manoeuvre power with L/R=20 ms for 100.000 manoeuvres:

version “a” 300 mA.

version “b” – “c” 100 mA.

Operating time: continuous
Operating temperature: -10 ÷ + 55 °C. Mechanical duration: ≥ 5.000.000 manoeuvres
Atmospheric pressure: 70 ÷ 110 kPa. Switching device features: Contact in silver alloy
Relative humidity: 95%. Interruption capacity: 2A 250V c.a. oppure 4A 125V c.a.
Extreme temperature range with Reed Relay not powered: -25°C ÷ +70°C. Duration: 20.000 manoeuvres at 2 A 250V c.a.
Test voltage at i.f. for one minute to earth and between distinct circuits: 2 KV. Initial contact resistance: 10 Mohm. 
Test voltage at i.f. for one minute on open contact: 700 V Dielectric rigidity: 

1000 V eff. On open contact 

2000 V eff. 50Hz tra between contact and earth

Test voltage impulse 1,2/50μs – 0,5 J to earth and between distinct circuits: 5 KV cr. Mechanical manoeuvre strength: 0,1 ÷ 0,5 Kg. f.
Test voltage impulse 1,2/50μs – 0,5 J on open contact: 1 KV cr. Use temperature: -40°C ÷ +85°C. 
Auxiliary power supply:

048V c.c. -20% ÷ +10%.

220V c.c. -20% ÷ +10%.

Led for visualization of the state of excitation of the relay coil.

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