General Features
The LV1 ENEL standardised alarm unit, called “CAS” is made in 19″ anodised aluminium rack and 7U in accordance with the ENEL LV95 requisites. Equipped with 5 removable cards for controlling the memorised alarms, 1 removable card for managing the temporary alarms and 1 card for managing the synthesis alarms and common functions, the LV1 unit is installed on a mounting inside “HV” electrical substations.
Technical Features Configurations and Personalization
Supply voltage: 110 V dc. Depending on the type of use, the standardised LV1 ENEL alarm unit can be equipped with a different number and type of cards. These configurations can be made in accordance with the ENEL LQ575 charts. 
5 removable cards for managing 8 memorised alarm points for each card. The personalization of the circuits, which is carried out by suitably setting up the card can be done in accordance with the ENEL LW575 charts.
1 removable card for managing 8 temporary alarm points. The wording of the various alarms and/or signals is positioned on the front of the cards and near the alarm leds. 
1 removable card for managing 9 illuminated signals synthesis alarms and common functions complete with 3 pushbuttons:

– PL = external lamp test

– PR = relay test

– RS = reset

Visualisation of alarms with high efficiency red leds.
Other technical features in accordance with the requisites of the ENEL LV1 specifications.
Climatic Operating Conditions Options
Operating temperature: -10 ÷ +55°C. Magnetic memory alarm cards. They prevent the memory of the signal from being lost should there be a temporary power blackout. 
Atmospheric pressure:: 70 ÷ 110 KPa.
Relative humidity: < = 95%.
Insulation Tests
In accordance with requisites made on ENEL REMC 01 chart the levels of which are given in Table 1.

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