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General Features
The auxiliary alarm panels used in the “LV” control board of electrical substations with ENEL standardisation in accordance with “DV1036A2″ requisites are made in 19” anodised aluminium rack and 1U. Each one is equipped with cards for local visual and acoustic signalling and remote signalling for any generic alarms in the substation. The front panel of the racks is supplied with: led signalling, led test and reset pu- shbuttons and for some functions, pushbuttons for turning the power components on and off and relative position indicators.
Technical Features Insulation Tests
Supply voltage: 110 V dc In accordance with requisites made on ENEL REMC 01 chart the levels of which are given in Table 1. 
Relay in compliance with EU DV15-16 charts or or miniaturised.
RCD” circuits with features in compliance with the  functions of the relays used.  Configurations and personalization
 On front panel provision is made for:

– Red high efficiency led signalling.

– Relay test pushbuttons “PR” and “RESET”.

The personalization of the panels is made in function of the various uses in the substations in compliance  with the following ENEL technical specifications: 

– DQ 1072A2NCI

– DQ 1987A2NCI

– DQ 1987A2NCI

– DQ 2026A2NCI

For some functions provision is made for:

– Cross-shaped illumination with red and   green leds to indicate the position of the   power components.

– “Open” and “Close” command push buttons of the power components.

On rear panel provision is made for:

– 2 multiple connectors with 50 poles “C1”  “C2″ in accordance with   ENEL”DV801A”.

 For special uses and specific functions the standardised panels can be adapted according to the needs of the plant.
 Other technical features in accordance with the requisites of the ENEL “DV1036A2” specifications.  For example several specifications:

– DW 1071A2NC

– DWG 8170 – 02

– DQ 1932A2

– DQ 2082A2

– DQ 2932A2

– DV 913A2

– 4RL 000 – CP – AT/MT

– TSD Allarmi (ACEA)

– TSD 86TR – Block relay panel (ACEA)

– UL-67 – People-present panel (ACEA)

 Climatic Operating Conditions
Operating temperature: -10 ÷ + 55 °C.
Atmospheric pressure: 70 ÷ 110 KPa.
Relative humidity: < = 95%.

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