Our Company

Founded in 1958 by Giovanni Brambilla, for over 55 years RTE has been producing alarm annunciators with ISA sequences, intended for use in sectors such as: Energy, Electro mechanics, Transport, Chemicals, Petrol chemicals, Engineering. In 1996, the founder of the company, together with the collaboration of his family - Luisa, Massimo and Giorgio, who had already been working for quite some time in the company - decided to create a new division for the sales of insulating tubing, for use in sectors such as: Electrical cabling, Manufacture of switchboards, Automotive, House appliances, Railways, Navy, Aeronautics. Among the first companies in Italy to obtain the quality system certification, recently updated in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008, RTE constitutes an important reality in the world of industrial components.

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